Sunday, June 17, 2012

I ask for your support and prayers. Join us for a better future for Georgia’s 1st Congressional District and this great nation.

In 2008 and 2010, American voters decided that the status quo was no longer acceptable and voted for change. Unfortunately, the do-nothing Congress (led by the Republicans) and persistent partisanship in Washington continues to hinder economic recovery, jobs and national security.
Our nation’s credit rating has been downgraded. Businesses have all but stopped hiring due to the complex tax policies and regulations the U.S. government requires. Children continue to fall behind their foreign counterparts in education, especially in math and science. China and India graduate more than 10 times the number of engineers as the U.S.
Having seen the effects, and lack of action taken by incumbent Republican District 1 Rep. Jack Kingston, I have decided to take my personal concern to the next level, and run on the Democratic ticket as your next Representative for Georgia’s 1st Congressional District.
I know together we can do better, and there is much work to be done in Washington.
We must keep America moving forward and ensure that basic rights for women, children and seniors are not stripped away.
The families of coastal Georgia deserve a U.S. Congresswoman pledged to be a partner, and to end the burden that partisanship places on progress.
We must build coalitions to create jobs and keep communities and coast lines strong by investing in transportation infrastructure, ensuring that youth have access to quality education, by supporting U.S. veterans and military families, and protecting the guarantee of Medicare for seniors.
What the 1st District needs now is a leader and not a career politician like Mr. Kingston. I will work in the people’s interest; someone who will be effective and who cares about families, the disenfranchised, working individuals, our hard working military men and woman, veterans and all the citizens of Georgia.  Matters involving social issues, the environment, and the economy can all be balanced once Congress begins to work towards America’s future as opposed to self-interests.
I ask for your support and prayers. Join us for a better future for Georgia’s 1st Congressional District and this great nation.  I look forward to meeting and listening to all of you – families, veterans and working people –  from all parts of the district.  From St. Mary’s to Savannah and from Brusnwick to Jesup and Waycross, our District reflects America’s future.
Your priorities and daily issues are mine, too.  As a mother, wife, small business owner and daughter from a small, Midwest farming community, I deeply understand what challenges that families are facing.
I want to earn every vote.

A Messinger of Hope for Our Children

It is imperative I get to Congress so that I may bring the many important things that you and I and many, many other Moms need to bring attention to. We need to be heard. It is the Mothers that can make sense of all of this and try to fix it. Those 
that have been directly affected.

It is hard to explain to parents that are in that nice safe "bubble" that drugs can affect their children. It doesn't start on a dark street corner in a bad neighborhood. It starts in the family medicine cabinet. It happens in every neighborhood, every economic situation. I know. I have personally been in dialogue with Moms that lost their kids to drugs while living on Park Ave, Manhattan, as a new intern fresh out of med school in a Philadelphia Hospital, another working with children in LA, California.... and yes, these kids went thru the DARE programs at school, just as my son did.

  • When I get to Congress I will do everything I can to promote and write bills for Suboxone and limit prescriptions to Opiates. Suboxone, an opiate receptor Chantix for smokers. It wont make you high and it also will not show up in a drug test for employment.

    There much that needs to be done. We simply cannot afford to lose this chance to be heard in Congress.

Please promote my website and name. It must go virile. When it does, then I will get backed and endorsed by the Democratic Party in Ohio and other states. Then I will start getting money to get this campaign on the fast track. The more that Lesli Messinger running for Congress in District 1, Georgia, is out there, over and over and over, all over the US, then we have a chance to bring our
message to Congress.

Please help me spread the word to get me to Congress. We need desperately to have a voice in Congress that will work to get laws passed that can save our children. It doesn't matter that I am from Georgia, I need the support across the US. When the Dems and other organizations understand that I am noticed and wanted in Congress, they will come forward with money. It is money that will win this race. My district is from Savannah down to Florida. The incumbent has been in for 20 years and has $2.5 million from huge corporations and super pacs. Kingston isn't working for us, his voting record is pitiful, but unless I can get out my message thru TV, radio, ads, billboards, fliers, etc. in addition to knocking on doors thru 17 will be another 2 years of nothing.

I have not had an easy life, like many of you. I do know that one person can make a difference. I am betting the farm on it.