Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why do we need the Health Bill passed, you ask?

What makes you think that the health bill will cause more abortions? I can promise you that NOBODY ever wants an abortion. I, personally, have never had an unplanned pregnancy, but I know that I have no right to judge others' circumstances. Planned Parenthood is always being beat up (and blown up) about abortions, but it's primary business is taking care of a women's' health and PREVENTING pregnancies.

You are frightened of your husband's business closing? Preventive healthcare should help keep his employees healthier. At this time, you don't know the when/if of how this may affect your specific business.

The "elderly out to pasture" is misconstrued. I have an "advance health care directive" and so should everybody, young or old. I do not want to exist solely dependent on tubes and machinery while my brain is dead.

America is a compassionate country. What people fail to realize is that we aren't the only compassionate country that reached out Haiti and Chili's earthquakes. Many countries sent money and help to New Orleans, also.

But we are not perfect. We also tend to be "holier than thou", forgetting that we actually used other human beings as slaves to do our labor. Living in the South (Georgia) now and even though I knew my family's history as staunch Union supporters that was with Sherman in The March to The Sea, I didn't fully comprehend the reality of slavery. Yet, there are people that actually seem proud of the South's history and flaunt the confederate flag. Shame on them.

As an American that travels overseas, I am always amazed and delighted that every country I go to knows how to communicate with me in English. Here in America, You are likely to hear a (forgive me) redneck say, "This here's America! Speak English!" Minimally, we should all have been taught Spanish, considering we border Mexico.

As some of my Christian friends say, "WWJD?" Considering that Jesus was a compassionate, empathetic, democratic, non-judgmental Jewish man, what do you think he would do?

But for the grace of G*D, go I.


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